City Hero Leningrad

City Hero Leningrad

Foundation of Admiralty Wharf
Construction of galleys began on the Gallerny yard
Construction of bastions began on Kalinkin and Podzorny islands
Shipbuilding began on “Galerny islet” (in 1828 Kalinkin island was officially given the name of Galerny
Change of the name Galerny yard to Galernaya shipyard
Foundation of Berd’s foundry
Franco-Russian plant founded
Name of Galernaya shipyard changed to New Admiralty
End of shipbuilding in the Main Admiralty
New Admiralty and “Galerny islet” are united into Admiralty shipbuilding Yard
Admiralty ship and turret building Yard
United management with Baltiysky yard
Admiralty department of Baltiysky Yard
Branch named after А . Marti of Baltiysky yard
Yard named after K. Libknecht
Leningrad shipbuilding yard named after A. Marti
“Sudomekh” yard
Yard No.196 and yard No.194
Admiralty yard
New Admiralty yard
Leningrad Admiralty Association
State-Owned Enterprise “Admiralty Shipyards”
Federal State-Owned Unitary Enterprise “Admiralty Shipyards”


Source: Major Milestones of the History of FSUE «Admiralty Shipyards»


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