337. Water.

WATER, lymph; aqua [L.], eau [F.], flood, crystal [poetic], Adam’s ale [humorous], agua [Sp.], pani [Hind.]; diluent, serum [See Fluidity].
WASHING &c. v.; immersion, mersion [obs.]; dilution, maceration, lotion; humectation, infiltration, spargefaction [obs.], affusion, irrigation, seepage [U. S., dial. Eng. & Scot.], balneation, bath.
DELUGE &c. (water in motion) [See River]; high water, flood tide, springtide.
SPRINKLER, sparger, aspergillum or aspergill, shower or shower bath, douche, enema; nozzle; atomizer [See Vaporization].



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