‹AcroBot›The current acronym for this round is: CIC
-› *AcroBot* Chiron is Cool!
‹AcroBot› Your answer of “Chiron is Cool!” has been registered.
‹AcroBot› Ten seconds left.
‹AcroBot› Voting Round: Choose one of the following. (Use /msg AcroBot ‹Number›)
‹AcroBot› 1. Crazies induce Chaos
‹AcroBot› 2. Coronary imminent, Candice!
‹AcroBot› 3. Chiron is Cool!
-› *AcroBot* 2
*AcroBot* Your vote has been registered.
‹AcroBot› Eingang’s answer of “Coronary imminent, Candice!” received 1 vote.
‹AcroBot› Eingang gets 2 speed points.
‹AcroBot› Mach’s answer of “Chiron is Cool!” received 2 votes.
‹AcroBot› Loser’s answer of “Crazies induce Chaos” receive 0 votes.
‹AcroBot› Mach receives 3 bonus points.



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