Three poems: Lewis & Clark, DECR. 1835, and Philadelphia


“… The Current of the Multnomar is as jentle as that of the Columbia glides Smoothly with an eavin surface, and appears to be Sufficiently deep for the largest Ship. I attempted fathom it with a Cord of 5 fathom which was the only Cord I had, could not find bottom ? of the distance across. I proceeded up this river 10 miles from it’s enterance into the Columbia to a large house on the N E. Side and Encamped near the house, the flees being So noumerous in the house that we could not Sleep in it. …”

DECR. 1835.

Council according to be said, States of men, Heads chiefs, and People, it must be done here in the nation. Business of this nature within itself, then and there be made or at, be made allowed the Cherokees in the state of Georgia, as we may, with full force, tend to their individual comfort, habits, and traditions. The same so as to meet, seeing no effective way of relief but in accepting the overtures of the United States. Mia Wia Bia, Se Car Je We Au. Dead.


Trolley and Light rail. Subway-Surface Trolley Lines (Green Line): five trolley routes that run in a subway in Center City and fan out along on street-level trolley tracks in West and Southwest Philadelphia. Norristown High Speed Line (Route 100): formerly known as the Philadelphia & Western (P&W), this interurban rapid transit is considered a light rail line. Suburban Trolley Lines (Routes 101 and 102): two trolley routes in Delaware County which run mostly on private rights-of-way but also have some street running. Routes 15, 23, and 56: Three surface trolley routes that were “temporarily” suspended in 1992. Routes 23 and 56 are currently operated with buses. Trolley service on Route 15 resumed as of September 2005.



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