Book 1 – Table of Contents

This is a table of contents for what’s coming ahead in Book 1. Book 1 was written largely in Europe between 2003-2006. Click Older entries each time you reach the end of a page to continue reading the poems in the order as shown here.

  1. To the Presidency
  2. “To the presidency sought after revered and loved…”

  3. Louis & Clark
    “… The Current of the Multnomar is as jentle as that of the Columbia…
  4. DECR. 1835
  5. “Council according to be said, States of men, Heads chiefs, and People…”

  6. Philadelphia
  7. “Trolley and Light rail. Subway-Surface Trolley Lines…”

  8. New Jersey
  9. “ED., NEW JERSEY: A HISTORY (5 VOL., 1930); H.E. WIL-”

  10. Mississippum
  11. “You hadn’t to catch them to hear your manners…”

  12. Mont Bird
  13. “You would be mine when we would sit by here…”

  14. While ‘except ye after Moses ye cannot be’
  15. “While ‘except ye after moses, ye cannot be’, I pedalled to the top of Queensborough park to see from a height the arm of the Lord…’”

  16. Warner Bros.
  17. The bee dances low to be lost
  18. “I see the earth, at once filled and frothing at their waists…”

  19. Ark
  20. The Elements of Polymeric Materials
  21. The Elements in Semiconducting Materials
  22. The Superconducting Elements
  23. The Metallic Elements
  24. The Elements in Ceramic Materials
  25. The Periodic Table of Elements
  26. Fertility
  27. Acrophobia
  28. “‹AcroBot›The current acronym for this round is: CIC…”

  29. Wind
  30. Books of the Bible

  32. Chinese Zodiac
  33. “CHINESE ZODIAC DOG SHEEP DRAGON OX 1910 1907 1904 1901…”

  34. Monarchs of England

  36. Horse
  37. “To Blois, to reach Lyon via Vareness…”

  38. Triumph
  39. “Quarterly, first and fourth Gules three lions passant (passed) gardent in pale Or armed…”

  40. US Marine
  41. “Prairie and timberland, romantic and beautiful in character…”

  42. Water
  43. City Hero Leningrad
  44. “Foundation of Admiralty Wharf. Construction of galleys began on the Gallerny yard…”

  45. Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co.
  46. Tennis Poem from the AVP Tour 1985 Players Guide
  47. “(d.Weiss)..1990 — Reached first Tour SF in Orlando and his first career…”

  48. 88
  49. “A Moro helmet, lining of rawhide, skull, peak and neck guard…”

  50. Makka up and come to me
  51. “Makka up and come to me, and liken me to each your gentle moorings…”

  52. Amsterdam
  53. Tears, Foreman, for who is not afraid
  54. “Tears, foreman, for who is not afraid, in the little stress, while the engine pulls, in the flats over the tilled land.”

  55. Kreuzafrichtung
  56. “So hard cast was his diversion, poorly having fitted and been made…”

  57. Dec 89
  58. New Jersey Devils  1994-95
  59. Photographs
  60. One Dollar
  61. 1934
  62. “In the house a woman was something altogether new…”

  63. Dirt from Buchenwald
  64. “8 June 1945. Dirt from Sachsenhausen….”

  65. Messerschmitts
  66. “In my uncle with his plane, I saw a tight formation of bombers encircled by a ring of Messerschmitts…”

  67. Power of Notation
  68. Power notation this expresses concisely any power of 10…”

  69. So well at the age of 10
  70. “The Soviet Union has ruled the Olympic ice for more than two decades…”

  71. G.Battery Here Still Intact
  72. “0040 Hours, contact with aprox 2 platoons of fallschirm…”

  73. How to describe the position of things (where things stand, or lie, or are situated)
  74. “For instance, in the drawing-room (9, pict 7): where does the sofa stand? (or where is the sofa?)…”

  75. What shape is the dining room table?
  76. “It is oblong, or long and wide ― or round, or oval ― or square, with rounded corners…”


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