Book 2 – Table of Contents

This is the table of contents for Book 2. Click Older entries each time you reach the end of a page to continue reading the poems in the order as it’s shown here.

  1. I am at the age of a writer
  2. I left to that’s sure and real
  3. Every best of living things
  4. Let men and others speak their power
  5. I ridge and ribbon with the crews
  6. The value of the fish
  7. Probably I knew the kings and knights
  8. Now who goes, for like to love to take action
  9. Do I with the ground and think, or passing over land
  10. I love the people and see around
  11. If I go out, what do I see
  12. At the Romans with their Gods
  13. I’d like to take her, ovens off
  14. Match how words and a word together can be a man
  15. Language is where men become Italian
  16. My uncle, shot at Paris, willed to God
  17. If I can get these things, if I can see the bird flew

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