Book 3 – Table of Contents

This is the table of contents for Book 3. Click Older entries each time you reach the end of a page to continue reading the poems in the order shown here.

  1. There is no wood
  2. End, was approaching
  3. Sermon
  4. To meet, shame, disappointment
  5. Ignorance to unite with modesty
  6. To rage
  7. To still warmer climate
  8. To reflect object in just proportion
  9. Are happy to see a trace wisdom of the Creator
  10. Drawn bow
  11. Great crime Socrates
  12. A fall, savages, iron
  13. Step beyond the threshold
  14. Many young people to press
  15. Adversity, a refuge, a planet to revolve
  16. Iron, learning, to serve
  17. The gardener made a hive
  18. A flower yesterday, all was dead today
  19. In a child’s body
  20. In a thousand beautiful colours
  21. Island
  22. To go heaven after the rain
  23. To serve as it’s a crown, a grove
  24. Autumn in a few days to pass
  25. Simply as a fronter

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