Big blocks of all of light

I were as through the word,
there were as the fortunes of life, were as futures, were the times.
I were as an answer with reds around, as writers were.

Careless, witless, out and outright dumb, lay tool to me.
I don’t care about work. The ranger is of all time,
all the winds blowed him, he knows the winds around him,
he dies of having an eye without his memory.

I am being light upon,
so life with business signs
wherever you look so that
around becomes a bus.
Well, bad not to buy anything,
but to feel bad about business.

Still I would, right as the rhythms of bounds facing me,
still write to rock course, to force ahead.
If I could still write and come through wood, well, imagine.
I write as men might, to say, to see.

I am no more the writer with the writes tab, but the child.
The writer will have done with time,
but the boy will wonder through
to make as a list of leaves that bust,
as windows under time. I would like with time and lighting me.
I could with likeness, lightness to a rhythm, order life, real Greek,
and mark that low with flooding for all that live in the left right.

And where is my life between all the hookery?
I still by corner rights, and I want with the singleness the target,
rip through what would as a course life, live March as white summer.
I am a breaker.
Where they were not a hard dark, while you are winning, I can win.
Can you full, and rock, and over me?

I see as a lite course the course of my own muscle,
right and truthers, after women who would light to me.
Poets to come, man as scorers, course through our time,
make as dear makes, through white walls. Make and dear skin turner
through the tin life of a bootspurrer.

White spurs that do past me in careful light, that mean cities past.
Right chord of church, man cure man,
for thoughtful life into your care, cureness.
Write by him, have no vessel, have no for an authority, have no against weakness.
Have no what’s a man. Have no woman. Stand against it.

I am my a realtor. I am a writer. I am mighty,
if I were as a writer was, as rage to the very fine, very sweet, very very sweet,
as a child.
How can I ever to that book?
There is no writer for that book and no reader.

And letters to writing come in big blocks of all of light,
coming the truth, pouring of life der like, of weirdos,
of the drive to my city.
I would still by sweet of love, by sweat hard of my own,
if I were white pure.
I skill by angels, swear to God, and still by sweet of love when I can find it.

My rights and rhythms still by carve myself.
Do you want to make writings?
I slide by rhythm, no by grace.
I write by all the courses of life, crack by crack vision.

I know that given life, not death, in office.
Time, dear space, know that by lets of on me,
I made outside my life, the dim wonders of a show of light.

I lay in due course for the rhythm.
The mountain barn, an arc I were outweighing,
would I ever have the life to outdoor men?

I made a life to make my own, to der outswim, to column my beauty,
is the life with me until and back to rhythm.
I ride in rhythm, know my life, come as near as there as.
There is no single life to life, and no good death to vision it.

To have no real ties to them.
None of the graves are writing life.
Still by wine, layers if men of rumming,
wild and strings with white.

The poet’s gram is Writer, load is that
can like a finger snap, a bed you line,
the I will say it thing about you how you’ve never heard.
A dear good writer makes no sex from poetry,
makes no life from time to time,
delivers and has delved deep,
because he has a dog in his short life,
and own and tergent life of miles and papers,
and stood in early morning as a foreigner.

Where I’m working for a man,
my way doesn’t know where to find a man, to bring it his words.
How much of this is honor, how much becomes as time and right?
And right of man decides. For all of course is still the rhythm body.
For no single page continues as a page. They star above the mountains.


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