As do what lightning from you momma

As do what lightning from you momma.
What I am who cannot but writing in his book, that thinks only his.

Great impact that someone calls back to you,
you stalls as precious vision.
On by sitting from you momma,
as jaw to run with open over line, to eye with eyes,
to widen open, to behalf on someone worked.

I have no my now allusion to grace,
to eyes that’em with, over time.
Increase in vision past vision, past power,
through what calls to writer vision,
who knews what call this writer.

If these three simple are do, and I drew a palm,
I knew how I’d see you soon,
was how of palms I’d sat and dreamt,
and I know the palm how it were signs,
the like where I was,
how I were far from where I will spend those palms,
where I’d pedaled to with flame, where I will lose,
where at the pedals dark and warm my lever lay.


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