Our once blessed and passing priest created a ball with a very short time,
later that lot of other things could be created. I wanted to learn how
to do it myself. All those trees open in a lot behind our house. Young
coconuts in the open lot in front of our house. A bird may figure,
a lovely grasshopper is served, sight and smell and fresh wave young nuts.
Flowers is cut into the church patio for the choir. They could be cut or
plaited to form patterns.

Repeating fields, almost magical tops of voices, a creator to claim. And just
no matter how intricate the palaspas, it has basically just two parts: sing
their hosannas, and angles, or temporary altars, tops of doors, windowsills,
fine houses.

But my palaspas. Priests burn. But my palaspas…Never reveal what it reveals.
Like the ash on Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Palm Sunday, reminds with a
cross, from its soot. Like a heart, like a tree frog, like palm-leaf drawn pendants,
gas pains, skin disease, toothache and tropical ulcers. Denounce or ignore or
become folk belief. Cancel dwelling. Protect the home. Protect the home.
Protect the home.

Source: Palm branches, called palaspas, are taken home after the Mass and are hung beside, on or above doorways and windows.


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