I can’t alive the walk to work, ask liveries to score and cool me

My hope at life, my start at alcohol, my second looses, my start
begun and clacking at it. Still my body begins at blood and
clacking, closes against then opens what whole day won’t be
complete, and whole probably never will, my hope on one very
low day. All work day up and home day down. What men like
me become. Which writer can soften acids, can drive me
through the book, not back around to me in it (that I’m to have
at burn me). I can’t alive the walk to work, ask liveries to score
and cool me. I’m gonna sit at this office chair is loaned to me.
A desk and chair that never went of any real quality. College
age, strong upper body. I am gonna sit at the office is loaned to
me, the opponent in the green field. There the light crawled to
see darkness. I learned to sing songs. I learned, that at faith
there’d be time scares. That scares meant evening, and they
caused lightly against nothing before, though it was really
something then, and then, to something new, watching back on
it now. Thy equals and the will eventually, they will what I was
hoping, a singular hope: that what agreed would not agree. The
writing, the event makes my break. You borne my quickness.
As I saw you much witness, in much cities, less the woman, not
so her routine, not in smoke, not in drags, but blowing with so
much experience.


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