Just carry on,I’m not moving from here anyway

The fair men, the One who wonder, are we capable to do as others do or our quest for? In schools, at home, in the street up to the highest institutions, there is a black dust, an invisible motion. For those who live within the borders of school. Harz or cheating is another warrior from the invisible motion.

Since, none is yet ready, we tried to dress up in many forms, and didn’t stop imitating. If you ask for more than what you give then expect to make no move like the poor donkey. If you can get yourself in a serene interrogation, then hopefully I can too.If you do blame everything on me or on others,then there we shall meet. The meeting point of naggers. For those who want to face Hrooz or cheating, you fold up your sleeves nice since it’s nothing but an endless conflict.

Appropriated from Hello Chichaoua


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