Titans score late win over Warriors…

….over warriors, sing in a
abrupt weather crash,
cots on cots and sips
4 summa breezes. Breezes
– hopes – as I do, to of tank,
to of simple cool on throat.
Stood lost, stood in
an apartment, stood lost
behind a window.
Woman floor, begin to
sit at the table.
Reach for a pen and
I stand to reach for the pen.
Maybe decide to make a note
of all the people that have
come and all up to now their
names, maybe only maybe something
from each of them.
How would you do that?
How would you class a person,
since a billion have been?
Perhaps a number row.
Each digit (0-9) can have
something attached to it.
Then you would have
a bln.


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