Ferryboat driver Vltava

My Coke top sheet, my reflecting glass, my stall out mid-ride, knows my calls of duty, knows our bitches at cool, my bitch at to shiver. Fumes and match go with the wind, then she starts up for me. The sun’s behind the castle and the breeze and toot and summer up and skirt legs and perfume.

Door shut and lower engine. Peace to me with Carl and slipped a cigarette to him, my friend, and him in cabin and show and light. Carl is and travels with me certain times, and certain times not. I’m afraid I am and Carl not, and bucket push to I am home, and man at sets me there.

School at come and night turn, lights on and no night to but to push in bucket, to settle in soft, knock on the glass over to Carl. Morning’s sat at box to Carls me, to friends at me. Wife and child fine, but day and night on that O will not too long to me, that O will not to anymore and mine, and I’ll have lost mine.


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