Where I’m living to now and your eyes as much since. Tonight more stands, tonight from you then wider casts. No thought awake of you known more than this, but dreams, the same, shuffled to and moved around. Having seen a thing not born today, trying, lose, collapse, and you incased, my case of having you right. Have ton, Paulina, and case for the brief with me. And I don’t lose my collection or my knowing power learned from your pluses not to stir, having you right even at young. Sum at young, and in my case of set, having you right sum at young along your young hair. Your hair 3+1 senses, your breath 3+1 other, and even more at you for my hands up. Where is more in front of me, that tastes like its gas, that crackles at anything added, than you, than above all you that’d thin above all others, carried on as much as when described by this visitor?


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