Both white bodies on a full day morning that is man’s to see

Certain the moon is still in the sky and reflected in the pool this morning. I know that it’s glory, and the moon is my parents and blood. Both white bodies are on a full day morning that is man to see here. The moon is my to see her floating, beach scope on her, to high in birds in Florida. What can you do? Can you transform and move? Man-made, grounded living pool, blue atwork, corrected, scrub-reflected moon day. Blue not to execute. Under perform, catch the walker there. To love in small air and do anything back time. That is my dog and father running through sweats to see you that something catches, a word that’s missing, to have more fun, to bike the can, to nature, controlling nature. What in mind to rock here at the guest stance, at flow-like, quiet, sat at silence near a crack, slow tiptoed beside spawling gowth. What I have mind in standing on rock here at the guest, but massive to natives time, nativre on rock here to guest.

Certain now moon morn. Skybot, King, Glory Moon is parent. I know my girl cross in me. Pool is flesh, blood. Two white bodies bod in pool bath, bod in float birth mooning. My scope to see you thin beach. His body price there, what can you anybody do? We don’t know about how can you. We don’t the grounded man, corrected, scrubbed in moon day boj reflects in moon day. Walker blue to hot in day and perform under there in a word that’s missing. Do anything back in time for that collapse book that can never rehappen. Don’t make see that watch. Make a word and bring you. Make of how use that word.


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