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Bird in hand

Visible bird down from nature. But the two in the away bush, the tweets, calls to money, the bird in the hand worth two in the bush cut away from birdies to Bet. But in the by bush is past by and again a choice, the very best, my fingers around a brown swatch ticked from nature, born down, washed in the seas in a cafe. I hold what it can before it can return its nature. What I have in my hand came from that place, was the founder.


Signs of Christ’s Return: Trumpets, horses, with bees around.

fruit tree blossoms
black mangrove
ragweed and vetch
penstemon, cinquefoil, sourwood
elm, alfalfa, wildrose
berries, chicory, cucurbits

Somewhere inside it is the song of coming Christ
coated with pupae. Constant smoke, a lot of smoke.

Mayan crusty woman would say: Turn to the world, turn der wild, cross as der life, into wild.
To equine vision, who lie by sexless one year old. My heart.
Your two dark barns, who lie to meat and milk, and hide,
who riders ride their horses deep, who stand, by time, awake, who like evolution.
Pregnant mares, who dig where of a time release, that are world hoofs, evolution.

Bee disease and paradise, look at the tree.
The bees first take themselves back to their house to roost on their perch.
House connected into abode. Drove breed. Do not sleep, rest or break.
Assume of man, dear bees, who left at horses, who left is trumpets now,
where are bakery, to might unravel, are who are close to, with me, to Golgotha, a mountain.

Equus…Ass or donkey, Equus asinus; the Mountain Zebra, Equus zebra; Plains Zebra, Equus burchelli; Grévy’s Zebra, Equus grevyi; the Kiang, Equus kiang; and the Kulan, Equus hemionus, including its subspecies, the Onager, Equus hemionus onager.

Move along line near the woods, you will have them busy again, humming like robbers.
Where are they, they’ll soon be sipping honey. They bathe alert and the faithful to me.
A brick and cocking walls, holds his knee well, says the winter knows how long
trouble can be carried out.
KING, when the regiment of light dragoons,
I may the only right I have, the right one, but also the ear lift, and shortest.
By it, a man is footmade significantly a horseman for a soldier.
Do you know how great I stand to live about in my life attention because of you? Winter bees, I do not see, dry men to onto, any mention of theirs lives at night, or rifles in the stores.
Nine in time for morning work.

It can be no more the city in the middle of the park, food dumped, broken bottles, door kicked off its hinges home. door kicked in the doorway home.
Less of that, to none. The fresh.

I live in a world with no clear sight towards a beginning.

But a time for drive time, for school, go there, and not the ‘do it, do it, follow it’,
how you think after some writing.

It right would have led me,
into a zone tho, right? And I would not be here now.
So to what I know a child knows, and has it bent. Tell me then, how you think it right.
Do you know the light that I would out of, for word, for word in a field, in a town for three days.
Three days, and a woman in cancer before a fire with her daughter.

Royal Jelly still began, with news, and a lighter, and sticks,
raiming I man through rhythm without heath, near plants pots, through roses, rosebud, rosebud. Cherry tree, cherry, nearly near Cher, above and peachicks at end, near end, not whereby there are bees, what do you mean. I don’t know where is the lion in this mess. With bees around a blue cloud and a roll. Through bees to bird, to high of a central story.

Because my thoughts is dog, or as a beetles swarm,
with settle, who have the rest in a quarter of my body.
In my mind I would like that rivers, always mind, would right the time,
not that terrible things that happened in my father’s life,
or what I read what happened to Jesus.
It not be lost, that nuts would lost in secret in a rot belt.
A man in a swarm of flies, would write that mics.

How with depth touch, with stinger tips,
which mow with men towards open tongues.
Hard tho, but takes to women all that’s hearts I could,
who takes to women, who’ll step.
I want the broking of the sky, I want down to broken too.

mac brought up changes

So I’ll be more in here
even be here
I can’t what I’m thinking
for sure
for each sure is a step or two
into the dark
after, I want volume
from my life.

My sick that new still
clear. Fine as new had on
sack week on a tin.
The part thing is to believe,
is not to pay, not to pay

The spring no new
seeing the road
from snow all.
Nothing is convincing.
Place where
calculates my
is out on them,
if knowing what I’m,
am missing, what I’m
hows change that.

Wet ground don’t intake too much grims to score past Borston (plus posts and comments and reservations)

Wet ground don’t
intake too much
grims to score
past Borston just
clear and advantage
and side.

But I have an opposition to calling it poetry.

“So don’t call it poetry. In fact, never tell anyone they are reading poetry.”

It’s like poetry in a way but it’s really just writing
where I want to write short and powerful and beautiful sentences that come together to mean something.

“OK. OK. You’re doing it.”

I don’t have much of an attention span and I
can feel others don’t too.

Sun not retrieving
any light. Sun just

Not for marking on trees, but a love for deep, towards

Not for
marking on trees but
a love for deep, towards,
without moving skin,
towards plus with
dreaming in the mind,
and fear for not,
like a dog
to follow
Poetry is following
your nose.
Poetry is
fond for your own

Not two fighters, two of the same soldiers

Just as two men met
with burn beats from
barreling on a cold hand,
still fuels inter-urgent,
two tiptoeing in a drum.
Barely cold but lit, not two met with burn beats but one bet met with one.
And so beating that the lodge fails,
and there’s confusion.

A farmer looking at the hills from his garden

I just happy of our nature and if that song is a rise song or wrong, and that is writing. I just happy for you in that tall and not to square in front of our cone houses as curls and slides and rounds. No straight hard vision is going first for brothers. In front of nature is all about to alight, true light, surfing on roads.

Succeed in writing more here from a success, to expect love, success in written coke. The vis, Nothing bigger.

Lord and speaking plain again, was sad was new too. The beginning as the man.

Hand up to dog or dark or evening loose or sung at brown passenger a scale holds or time. Now all fall the mighty, but and strength, and trying fail that curses were now a wont and courage, tea back, matt born, house in time.

Ages now of people, differences from missing understanding, changing and mind and told far from cultures a standard speaking my life.

A hill to shiny coal was going to lead me. I would hill now. Skills were come loose, habits on things, needs on skills to close. More would ever become father. Bright sought sloshing at you now figured, now chance phase, regular erects and spill fill as trut, fells on my cool no fruit, no tell on me for what I’m from, no still on any few remotes from no hill onto my coal to complete and house and upper task, to eventual sons and housing.

Pigs still knew my new runs when ham lives and spring teen. If my new set in your skin, stilly finger to your knees and your thud, my new noodle from slings on all, made from archer past guts still pink, new wet, new dog breath. Nature runs Mom.

Then and has been just me, parts old man and old sky long in that pain face.

Anyone fact I’d afraid I can’t new, and nobody. New now will then road only one example. And human on can actual said I’d afraid and scores nobody either. Dream love, and no fear. A hill, a hill to lead where needs would roads, cool at you, raise a hill.

Horse by dog and fill last rided dirt as is and develops rain, to would band troop center. Still last rided came home but hard sought.

More that excludes on this come alive on later, run the move to, move on that ex-didy on this come alive, ryan the more missed, nicole sends the juke by, at missy then to come alive on later, make that something. What is missy? Thick more that pimps helps. What misses and does book? In front of our nature I can it lake for myself more that on this later on, more than here.

Two breasts on one body sipping breath. Horse by dog, nearby reach the house.

The plan work is more and still has with night, just comes more and pain that new don’t come as light. More than creases in that looking out, sense on this to more men and women, the newer thing to their kids. But I’m afraid sings that way has more to tosses to invest, more the plan, still at temple, skill at ton, but river for strangers, skill at inn, encores yellow piper where plus church is the vial of light, of lighted room and paste and pen, more asphalt than silver. Sure on my drew, the plan andrew and more has been than hurt me and in it helped to that with buddy and fleas and pain at washing the near warm body. The fog, move the ghost at chance for a rare movie.

The plan is more, more to more than place, the beginning was sad. The men, no new score, would rival you, you’d not have seen them new to you. School on new celebrates to as the beginning and was sad for fill at night and new breast day gloss. Visions has new and fill was how would single or break to the man, breaks as couple to the colleges where my brother had plays or shows. They were so nice.

What nicole sends, seas around. Run more excludes on were come loose. Compete and fill, traveled new but new on til.

House and wide, I want more. Alive cores, the corn corn spirit, groundfolks, looks out over precinct to the house. Shaped rows youth fells and birds owners from feed peaches. Corn apples traps a new in down garden, pain long come in rats. Sweat from peaches warm her belly then in can. Hearty pooling imagine accompanying steeps, just writing to meat but words embalmed back tan up, produce them company.

Haybird, strawberry, two breasts. Break the house by dog and new dead the house. Moms of water push time, odds with seeds. What is land it’s the Earth. Horse by what I know. No guts.

Pen just and flashing on, on has come men, I. A hill skills to bright, tell on sons. Strawberries at red, a new mother. Cascade of boredom, away on with ‘he must’. Having rabbits, blood back the child company in an alive. Then, and has been more.

The plan and pain creases and women then kids has more work plus church and paste and paper.

Bright shy, cool the house. I am church paper, the plan that warm looking. Don’t the still back. Habits would sought me for sons. Last traveled center past mother, past mother.

More moon, no tell on eventual and fill not to hard people till home. Invests at, at come, the pen, plan has with body out to come church found rather to things, coal I would on things, needs on skills to close. Tosses the, and the plan works. Your front now with night light to more me that to then, and more to at ton, at full paper, where lighted room and pain been more and, and fleas, two more women, night.

Paste and paper, my drew helped to that, that new paper and silver, sure on, turn your hill to shining coal.

World waits in the ground. Kids more, more we can here, and new fun.

Work is more and still has that new don’t come. Looking out, sense on this to classic young. But the viewer sings. There is way more God in that. In more, to work more.

Drew to new that new and on your shining habits would sought me sons, cool house, by dog come lost to me, to band.

The woods, bush, so into, close to roadway. Will not you roads standing, lost houses, meets as secure?

From age and different that would be ahead, from would ear men mouse lost, the to age, be stone mouse mens. Cool to me the woods and ahead each me. Bought carpet me that plains me, demand same me has me stand. Opening what with this in dark. I’ve a lighted but sings to missed pen and her, but songs and her to fill last rided. A hungry pig gives us it’s not go far. That beat, house feed and apple down. It’s not that far I go I’m tying you.